Angles allow you to build basic polygons (triangles, squares, hexagons, etc.) or complex shapes by combining two or more parts to make a containment. Angle types are divided into systems, or the basic shape that Angle makes.

There are 4 systems:
Quad Angles Quad Angles use 90° angles to make squares and rectangles. This is the simplest system because 90° angles are their own complement. Quad angles are the workhorses of the ShapeCaster system.
The Tri/Hex system The Tri/Hex system is based on 60° Angles, with a 120° complement. 120° Angles make triangles, and 60° Angles make hexagons.This system also works well for diamonds and a variety of star shapes.
The Pentagonal system The Pentagonal system uses 72° Angles to make pentagons. Its complement is 108°.
The Octagonal system The Octagonal system makes octagons with 45° Angles. Its 135°complement is the sharpest ShapeCaster angle available.
Angle Sets A variety of Angle Sets are also available.