ShapeCaster Kits add the items you need to get started: a fiber pack, spring clips, glue bottle
and (of course) the ShapeCaster Guide. Just add your kiln and some glass and you're ready to go!

Sampler The Sampler

Just what you need to try ShapeCasters out
SC_STK Sampler (25 pcs) $ 95.00
Kits The Studio Kits

A good basic selection to make ShapeCasters a functional part of your studio.
SC_SSK Small Studio Kit (44 pcs) $ 230.00
SC_MSK Medium Studio Kit (82 pcs) $ 500.00
SC_MSUG Medium Studio Upgrade (39 pcs) $ 350.00
SC_LSK Large Studio Kit (108 pcs) $ 700.00
SC_LSUG Large Studio Upgrade (27 pcs) $ 350.00
SC_CK_S Circle Casting Kits

Circles, fiber, clips & glue - pick the size that's right for you (oh my!)
SC_SCCK Small Circle Casting Kit (7 pcs) $ 125.00
SC_MCCK Medium Circle Casting Kit (7 pcs) $ 150.00
SC_LCCK Large Circle Casting Kit (7 pcs) $ 180.00
the goodie pack The Goodies

Make any set into a kit! Or, just get the goodies...
SC_KIT_ADD The Goodie Pack $ 32.00